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OK, don't fight over who's the Greatest!!, LOLOL I think you all are. Is that being diplomatic, or what? l;-)8~~~

Hey! I plan on giving, you all a run for your money..heehee. AAAAW..don't worry, it won't be for a little while yet!! {yeah right} Lol. Seriously...your websites have taught me a lot, still learning and having a great time doing it. I have all these Websites in my that I can keep going visit. "So much to learn, so little time to do it" all are the greatest!!!


Sorry, Guys, I am not a Blonde!!;)


Last year I replaced several windows in
my house. They were the expensive
double-insulated energy efficient windows.
This week I got a call from the contractor
complaining that the work has been done for
a year and I had failed to pay for them.
Boy, oh boy, did we go round and round.
I told him no one pulls a fast one on this
ol' lady. Even though I am a
senior citizen and used to be a blonde,
doesn't mean that I am automatically stupid!
I proceeded to tell him just what his salesman
told me last year: ........." In one year they will
pay for themselves"

  My Friend_Country Lady :))))))))))))
sent me this;)


Karen S. aka Neah

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