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"Just remember, in the winter Far beneath the the bitter snow Lies the seed that with the suns love In the spring becomes The Rose"

~ Hello Everyone ~

So glad you dropped by!!

There are Multi-Facets of my Personality, as you will observe, through, my WebPages.

My favorite time of day, is knocking on the door, no telephone ringing, no door bell, and no noise outside...well an occasional car horn..after all, I live in the city. LOL I love sitting out on my balcony, OMG!! you should see some of the sunsets I have witnessed, they are gorgeous, and gazing at the stars..waiting everynight for the new moon to come full circle. Also, I do most of my work on my webpages....sooooo peaceful, no disruptions....YES!! LOL.

The most important things for me are, Love, Family..Children, Grandchildren and my extended family, who are my Friends. These wonderful people, are what gets me through, each day.

Playing with my, soon to be one year old grandson..Tiger, LOL that's what I have called him, since he was 2months old, the time he started growling...LOL, He is too funny and fun to be with..he wears me out!! but it's a good worn out. UPDATE!! Tyjoun is walking, he started Oct. 12, 2000..just 9 days before his birthday, on the 21st!!!! Alright..Tiger!!

My grandaughter, Monique, who is going to be nine years old, Halloween, LOL she came into this world howling too, is a sweet young lady. She loves to, draw and is good at it, loves school...she really likes/wants to learn. OH!! and she loves clothes, getting her hair done and makeup...a little stuff. God...she's growing so fast!! Wish I was able to stop time and keep her a little girl for a while longer. I think we all would like to be able to do that. {sigh}

All these things are spiritual to me. I don't call myself religious, but I am that, God is in my heart. He, is the only being that I have all my faith, trust and hope in.

If we stay quiet for a while, we can recieve the answers to our prayers, hear what, He, is trying to tell us. He, is that inner voice in us, our concience, our guide, our pain, our happiness, our sorrow, our joy, our weakness and our strength. He, never lets us down...He, may not do things when we want Him to do it, but, He does do it in His own time and I know there's a very good reason for that.

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October 16, 2000
Modified: January 6, 2003

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