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It took me a little while to come up with this title.

I was wondering, what would capture peoples attention?

There are millions of people, who have thought about this, I am sure. What have they come away with?

Have they implimented what they have learned into their lives, to help them be the best person they can possible be?

Let's take this step by step, shall we. Spirituality.... sounds comforting, doesn't it? It is for me, believing in a higher power, the greatest power there will ever be, God, believing in and loving ones self, this is where it starts, at least for me.

There was a history,types of abuses,in my life, where people tried to break me and bring me down, starting from childhood to adulthood. They only succeeded in their minds, not mine.

Yes, I was devastated, hurt, angry and felt lower than any one should be made to feel

But I always heard this little voice inside, saying, "Karen you are going to be alright, better than alright, stay strong and keep the faith, this too, shall pass" and it did.

No matter what obstacles may come your way in life, you can and will get through it, by having faith in whomever you pray to, and believe in yourself.

I have always said that, God gave me an abundance in strength because He knew, I would need it to survive.

Spirituality comes from deep inside of you, Faith, Love, and Hope.

I've had the three greatest experiences in my life, the birth of my son, who is now an adult man, and witnessing the births of my two grandchildren.

This is what makes anything else I ever went through, obsolete. All in all, I've had a pretty good life. I am still here, and for that, I am very, very grateful and thankful.

"Everyone...look within yourselves for the answers, that's where God is..He is you." "Shhhhhhh...listen to your heart and you will hear."

Karen S. copyright © 2000-2002

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