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O'siyo Oginalii ~ Tsilugi

'Hello Friends ~ Welcome!'

I can finally place an Artist, to this
Beautiful Painting. The Artist is Maija,
name of her painting is, "Companions".

Here, you can read, a little about, her.


Here, you will find all her Beautiful Art
Kemper Galleries Home
for the Art of Maija

I got this Painting, from a free Graphics Site, Feb.2001.
There wasn't a link, giving Credit to the Artist.
I happened to come across a Site, using one of Maija's Paintings,
at Ishaah's Inspirations, link below, with a Link to Maija.
Updated: January 29, 2003

I hope you enjoy my new page.
The Websites below, are very
Informative, Educational, Elightening and Beautiful!!

"Remember...Knowledge Is Key, Without It,
Racism...Will Live On In Ignorance."

By: Karen S.
February 20, 2001
© 2001 2002 2003

Native American Pride

With all things and in all things,
we are relatives. (Sioux)

Love one another and do not
strive for another's undoing. (Seneca)

~An Old Indian Angel~

~Yunsai Society~

~Winter's World~

~Forever Links~

Stars and Stripes... ~Navajo Code Talkers~

~OHIYESA ~Soul Of An Indian~


~Crying Dove's Native American Links~

~Dreaming Spirits HomePage~

~Greywolf & Willow Woman's Lodge~

~Ishaah's Inspirations~

~My Cherokee Heritage~

~Native American & Wolf Graphics~

~Native American Proverbs~

~Native American Spirituality~

~Whispers of the Heart~

Two Dogs ~Buffalo Jump~

~Millenium Mountian

~Cal's Gallery Plus~

~Silent Bear's Den~

~Tracie, Blood Poet 2000~


Meadow BirdSong's
Inspirational and Loving Pgs

Feather Graphics by: Sam Silverhawk.
Please visit his great site!!
Silverhawk's NA Indian Graphics
Thanks Sam;-)

A Nation is not conquered,
until the hearts of it's women
are on the ground.

Then it is done,
  no matter how brave it's Warriors.
or how strong their weapons.

From: ~Whispers Of The Heart~


Meadow Birdsong's Bead Weaving
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USA Pride Banners
Sept. 11, 2001:
A day we will never forget.
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