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By: Martin Luther King Jr.

"Many of us share in this dream. We are all Sisters and Brothers, God's Children. Let Us Walk Together In Peace, Love and Knowledge."


February 23, 2001

African American Websites

Our History~Our Culture


Welcome To Neah's World ~2~
For All Children School District Philadelphia AfroAmeri.History Resources
AfroAmer.Journey for Kids Black Quest Amistad
Lessons Lit.Resources&PrimarySourceHis.Texts WorldBk Encyclopedia~AA Hist.~
African American ~Heritage, History & Culture~
African American~Literature Afro-Americ@~Myths&Fables Afr -American Mozaic~
African American Slave Naratives Historical Text Archives "Lady Freedom Among Us" Rita Dove
Slavery In US, 1799-1865 (documents) Voices Of Civil Rights Era Writing Black<````/a>
Zora Neale Hurston SCORE Cyberguides: Buffalo Soldiers Gordon Parks: Documents America
Freedom Train Harriet Tubman: Guide To Freedom Journey To Jo'burg
Roar of Thunder, Hear My Cry To Be A Slave Cry The Beloved Country
Their Eyes Were Watching God African American Warriors Deeper Shade Of History
Greensboro Sit-Ins Social Studies School Service Stamp On Black History
Neah's World ~2~
African American Entertainers Pure Racism Les Brown
African Americn Women Writers Affirmative Action AfroAm.History On The Web
William lynch: 1712 Speech AfroAm. News Service Abiola Sinclair's AfroAm. Magazine
~ More Links And More To Come!! ~
Brief Chronology Of AfroAm. Literature Nettie's Trip South Year Of The Boar & Jackie Robinson
I, Juan de Pareja Adventures of HuckFinn (Imacipation Theme) Journey Through Art&Photog: W.H. Johnson
African American Art Anacosta Museum For A.A. Hist.& Cult. Black Arts Movement
Rhapsodies In Black Art: Harlem Renaisance Influential A.A. of the 20th Century Afro-PagesArt/Culture
Will The Circle Be Unbroken? Sally Hemings ~A.A. Studies~ Race & The Schooling...
National Urban League Austin Scupltures Contemperary_Afro-Amer. A.A. In VisualArt
Hikima Creations Al Black Artist/Teacher ThingsGraphics Fine Art
Black Art AA Prints African Pride Kuanita Murphy Artist

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