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Someone wrote in their pages..

Quote: "Many of us did not come from Africa,

so why do we call ourselves African Americans?" Unquote

Well, in answer to that...Our Ancesters did come from Africa, here is where Our Roots are, Heritage and Cuture comes from. .

Unlike others who came freely, we were forced, against our will, onto ships and brought here and forced into Slavery.

America is a very Diverse Country...Imigrants from other countries came here, and settled here. They call themselves...Italian Amer. Irish Amer. Polish Amer. Chinese Amer. Japanese Amer. and so on.

Even Though we were born here, millions of us, Our Roots, Heritage and Cultures come from other Countries.

We should never forget or be ashamed of where we come from, or who we are.

We have so much to be Proud of and Thankful for. Let us Live in Peace, Harmony, Love, and Knowledge, Together.

Walk In Light.

Karen ~aka~ Neah

March 13, 2001

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Sept. 11, 2001: A day we will never forget.

A 381-day Montgomery bus boycott, and, finally, the Supreme Court's ruling in November 1956 that segregation on transportation is unconstitutional.

NOTE: These links will tell the Story.


Civil Rights

Rosa Parks

W.E.B. Du Bois

Malcom X

Martin L. King Jr.


Cry, The Beloved Country

by: ~Alan Paton~

To Be A Slave

By: ~Julius Lester~

A roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

By: ~Mildred D. Taylor~

Harriet Tubman: Guide To Freedom

By: ~Anne Petry~

Journey To Jo'Burg, Novel

By: ~Beverly Naidoo~

Frederick Douglas

"Aliens are we in our native land. The fundamental principles of the republic, to which the humblest white man, whether born here or elsewhere, may appeal with confidence, in the hope of awakening a favorable response, are held to be inapplicable to us.

The glorious doctrines of your revolutionary fathers, and the more glorious teachings of the Son of God, are construed and applied against us. We are literally scourged beyond the beneficent range of both authorities, human and divine. * * * *American humanity hates us, scorns us, disowns and denies, in a thousand ways, our very personality.

The outspread wing of American christianity, apparently broad enough to give shelter to a perishing world, refuses to cover us. To us, its bones are brass, and its features iron. In running thither for shelter and <9>succor, we have only fled from the hungry blood-hound to the devouring wolf--from a corrupt and selfish world, to a hollow and hypocritical church."

--_Speech before American and Foreign Anti- Slavery Society,

May_, 1854

~*~ Well Deserved and Way Overdue!! ~*~

This is for all African American Men who fought
for this Country in all Wars and never recieved any recognition for there
Bravery and the Sacrifices of Their Lives
until, Recently


Department of Defense to recognize African-American Korean War veterans---The following was released by the U.S. Department of Defense 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee:
Like most American service members returning home after halting North Korean and Chinese aggression and saving South Korea,
African-Americans serving in the armed forces didn't get a rousing welcome when they returned after the Korean War.
On July 23 the Department of Defense will give African-American Korean War veterans the thanks they did not receive 50 years ago with a wreath laying and plaque dedication at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va.

The ceremony, part of the Congressionally mandated, three-year commemoration period from June 25, 2000 to Nov. 11, 2003, will be attended by many veterans service organizations and feature speeches by New York Congressman Charles Rangel and retired Army Lt. Gen. Julius Becton, both Korean War veterans, to name a few.

African-Americans served in all combat and combat service elements during the Korean War and were involved in all major combat operations.

For more information visit the Commemoration Web site at:
In Commemoration

or call toll-free 866-KOREA50.

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