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~Chinese New Year 2001~

2001 is the Year of the Snake
The Spring Festival or New Year is a Time of
Bringing of Luck, with the word "Luck"
written Upside Down, Meaning "Coming".

In the Chinese Zodiac,
the Tiger represents me.

In our Zodiac, it's The Bull


**HISTORY: China**

**Kid's Web Japan**

**American Misconceptions About Japan


**Japanese Culture**

**Japanese History**

These Websites are great.

My Quote

"Remember...Knowledge Is Key, without it,
Racism...lives on in Ignorance"

By: Karen S.

March 14, 2001
©2001 2002

**Shaoli 5 Animal Kung Fu**

**Yin Yang Do Jang**


I have found some of these other great sites over the Net,
and others were sent to me, by my Web Friends;-)
Thanks everyone!!

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**Geri's Lot of Help&More**

**Dawn's Animated Names**

Web MegaHome



**Color Charts Page**

**Kev's Gifs Galore**

This page is dedicated to my wonderful
friend, Pamela Northrop (aka ~Diamondeve~), who passed away
Sept. 3, 01, at 9:00pm.
I will miss your wonderful spirit, beautiful heart/soul
and your great sense of humor.

Rest now, my friend. I will never forget you.

Domo ari gato gozal masul
"Thank-you, My Honorable Friend"
Love Eternal
Karen aka Neah

"Friendship Book"


Diamondeve's Orient Express

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