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A Few Things About Me

This is harder than I thought. Where do I begin?
Well, I am 48 years old,(52 now) retired, have a Handsome Son, LOL Great Sense Of Humor, Two Beautiful Grandchildren, Girl/Boy,
She's my Lil Queen and He's my Tiger;).They never Cease to Amaze me and Lights of my life.
Have a great Daughter-in-law,
Beautiful, Wonderful Mother and I have loved her
from the day I met her...Hi Baby Girl;).

I am a high school graduate and have an associates degree in sociology.
Worked for the School Dept, here in my city, also as a counselor for a Women's Crisis Center, worked in Retail Sales Management, in Home HealhCare and in Nursing Homes, for the elderly.

Doctors, forced me to retire, in 1991, after working for 23yrs. The last job I had, was in retail sales and after standing on tiled cement floors all day for 5yrs, many times doing double shifts, really did damage to my knees.

~ My Triumph Over Tragedy~

As you read in my HomePage, I am a survivor of sexual abuse. The perpetrator, my foster father, and I have to say my mother also, because she knew and did nothing to stop it. I don't know which is worse, the Perpetrator of the act or the one who did nothing. They were the only parents I knew and I trusted and loved them.

This is, why, I have done this webpage about this devastating crime against innocent, trusting and loving children, never to be the same again.

Oh! and I know I am going to get 'FLACK', from what I am about to say, OH WELL, here goes.
A pedophile cannot be Rehabilitated. I have not heard of any, that have, have you?

The judicial system and so called doctors who let these people out of jails and back into society, need to change the laws and need to re-think their diagnosis of this illness.

Here in my city, a young boy was going door to door selling candy for his school, and was forced into this man's home, raped, held hostage for six hours and then let him go.

This man had just gotten out of prison for doing the same thing to other children. Too many repeat offenders, too many cases of this, to be ignored.

He never went to the police station to register as a sex offender. This is the law, why didn't the law make sure that this man registered? If they have to take these people by the hand and bring them right from prison to do this, so be it.
This register sex offender law needs to be changed.

Although, left up to me...they would never get out of prison, never to harm another child, ever again. This also goes for the rapists of women and men,, it's just that, they are more likely, not to talk about it or report this type of crime, then women.

The statistics of victims of these crimes are so underestimated, because, there are so many more not reportng this crime, not talking, or never have talked about it to anyone. If everyone reported it, My God, the stats would be astronomical, to say the least.

Please report these crimes. This helps you to begin to heal, so that you will grow stronger. Remember...Be no one's Victim ever again...You are a Survivor!!!

There are links on my WebPages that you can get information help you get started on a new road in your life. Please take avantage of it.
God Bless~Peace~Love~Light

Written By: Karen S.
aka Neah
January 1998
Updated: October 25, 2001

Modified January 5, 2003


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