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~ My Awards ~

~ "ThE PrOpOsAl" ~

Song: "Falling Into You"
By: Celene Dion

These Awards were given to me for my WebPages...WOMEN: OUR WORLD'S STRENGTH

I recieved this ~ Majestic Site Award ~ July 2000

I would like to thank Firelace for this Majestic Award. Her words have inspired me.
She's a beautiful spirit, full of fire, gentle and wild as the wind, and delicate as lace.
Stay this way, always.
Thanks Janea.
Blessings to you and yours

I have recieved this ~ Award for Excellence ~ today...August 5, 2000, from Diamondeve. Thankyou very much for this, for your kind words and for all your help.
You are a true Diamond~Rare.
Blessings~Peace to you and yours.

I recieved this, Beautiful Raising Awareness Award
February 16, 2002
This was a Wonderful Surprise!! Thank you so much, Lindy Jo;-)
Please visit her Beautiful. Website.
Peace~Love~Light, to you and yours.

Let me know what you think;-)

Don't forget to sign my Guestbook, Thanks;-)

My Buttons and Welcome Graphic
come from this Great Site.
Thanks TrishAnne;-)

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