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Song: "Falling Into You"
By: Celene Dion

I won these AWARDS for


Here is my ~ Millennium~Award ~

OMG!! This was a wonderful surprise. I recieved this Award today... October 28, 2000
Thank you so much, Janea. This means so much to me.

Janea, you are a warm and wonderful friend. Thank you also for all your help.

Luv Ya ~Smile~

Your friend ~ Karen

Walk in Peace. Blessings to you and yours.

Recieved this Award, May 2001, from Susan.
Thank you, I really apprciate this.
Please check out her great site;-)

Recieved this Award, today, Jan. 14, 2002
Thank you Laine, for this Beautiful Award.
Please, visit her great site.

I recieved this Award of Excellence:
February 16, 2002
This was a Wonderful Surprise!! Thank you so much, Lindy Jo;-)
Please visit her Beautiful Website.

Thanks Everyone for making these possible!!

Thanks Dave. Anytime My Friend, Anytime:-)

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